Thank you for investing in your health with us!  We are excited to share the outstanding content from the 2020 event with you.

On this page, you will find several videos featuring all of the following:

  • Each panel discussion hosted at the 2020 SoCal Wellness Event
  • Each Wellness Break discussion hosted at the 2020 SoCal Wellness Event
  • Short segments filmed with individual experts and partners.

Cheers to your health!

Tracy + Laura

The SoCal Wellness Team

Mindfulness and Mental Health presented by Nurtured Brain

This panel features:

Moderator: Chudney Ross – Author and Founder, Books & Cookies
Dr Zelana Montminy – Renowned Positive Psychologist, Author & Wellness Architect
Dr Daya Grant – Neuroscientist, mental performance consultant, and yoga teacher
Shveta Sontakey – Founder and CEO, Nurtured Brain
Adonica Shaw- Speaker, Author and Self-Actualization Strategist

Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health presented by Daysy

This panel features:

Moderator: Veena Crownholm – Segment Host seen on The Doctors, Ktla and FabFitFun TV
Julia Rose – CEO Kalikha Inc., Makers of the VaGenie
Dr Jennifer Lang – Founder of BuzzLabs, OBGYN, Oncologist and Author
Dr Jennifer Berman – Urologist, Sexual Health Expert, NY Times Best Selling Author
Holly Grigg-Spall – Author and Daysy

Modern Medicine presented by Premier Neurology

This panel features:

Moderator: Adrianna Costa – Entertainment Journalist, Host of Local Now LA, Mom Blogger
Dr Ravinder Singh – Neurologist, Founder of Premier Neurology and Author
Sarah Glicken – Biohacker and Owner of Osteostrong Mar Vista
Dr Anne Cooper – Doctor of Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Dr Julie Taylor – Bioidentical Hormone Specialist and Functional Medicine Doctor

Food is Medicine

This panel features:

Moderator: Saarah Samadani – Digital Influencer for Beauty Momme & Certified Nutritionist
Elissa Goodman – Holistic Nutritionist and Lifestyle Cleanse Expert
Catherine McCord – Author and Founder Weelicious and One – Potato.
Dr Ashley Beckman – Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine Practitioner and Epigenetics Expert

Kids Mental Wellness

This panel features:

Moderator: Lisa Breckenridge
Marissa Gold, Founder Intuit Parenting
Dr Karen Mason Wilson – Neuropsychologist|Professor|Keynote Speaker|Founder @ChildNEXUS
Dr Brette Genzel-Derman – CEO/Founder Innovative Group Psychotherapy, Inc. (IGP)
Dr. Deepika Chopra – OPTIMISM DOCTOR®️, Professional Psychologist, Wellness Media Expert + Founder of Things Are Looking Up

CBD 101

This wellness talk features:

Moderator: Haely White- Co-Founder Don’t Call Me Mommy, Screenwriter, Director and Actress
Kerrigan Behrens – Co-Founder + CMO of Sagely Naturals
Meredith Schroeder, Co-Founder & CCO, Fleur Marche
Ashley Lewis, CEO & Co-Founder, Fleur Marche

Disrupting the Bottled Water Industry

This wellness talk features Elisabeth Muhr, CEO of Hallstein

Disrupting the Deodorant Industry

This wellness talk features Allison Moss, CEO of Type A Deodorant

Understanding Omegas – what your OBGYN did not tell you!

This wellness talk features Julie Sawaya, Co-Ceo of Needed