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Company Description: Track your cycle and plan for a baby with Daysy! Daysy is an intelligent fertility tracker that lets you get to know your unique menstrual cycle. Every morning, measure your temperature under your tongue with Daysy. Enter if you have your period. Then Daysy evaluates your data with its unique algorithm, which incorporates data from 5 million menstrual cycles and over 30 years of research, and shows you if you’re fertile or not with a red (fertile), green (infertile), or yellow (fluctuating) light. It’s important to measure after a minimum of three consecutive hours of sleep and first thing in the morning, before getting up to use the restroom, checking your phone, or snuggling with your partner. You can also sync Daysy to her companion app, DaysyView, for a more detailed look at your cycle. View your predicted menstrual cycle calendar, temperature curve, and menstrual cycle statistics. Make notes about your cervical fluid, intercourse, moods, etc. Or easily contact Daysy’s team of experts for an analysis of your data. For more information about Daysy, visit their website or get in touch with customer support.

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